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Weather is strange and affects us all differently.  In a country as large as the United States, we have it all--weather wise. We all hear a word like “cold” or “hot” and think completely different things.  I mean, when I think cold, I think anything below 60°F.  My cousins in Illinois probably think cold means closer to freezing and I’m sure some of you think it isn’t really cold until the thermometer reaches 0!

Of course, hot is the same way.  I’ve been to places in the summer that may get to 85° and the locals think it is miserable.  Where I come from, something would be way out of whack if it was only 85° on a summer day—and I love it.  I am one of those (some say strange) people who thinks 95° and sunny is a beautiful day. 

So, weather really is relevant.  What is cold or hot in one place is “normal” in another.  We tend to get use to what we live with and of course, what we are prepared for.   In South Texas,it is hot and humid in the summer (and spring and fall) so  we wear flip flops and shorts most of the year. Almost all of our buildings have central air so we are prepared for those hot days.  In Minnesota, central A/C   may not be common, but my guess is most Minnesotans have warm boots in the closet instead of 10 pairs of flip flops!

So, when I hear a customer say, “It’s been really cold,” I know that could mean it’s been 30° or even 30° below, depending on where he lives.  And if he tells me it’s been dry, he may not have had rain for 3 weeks or 3 months.

We all experience bad weather years and good years.  I am always thankful for the good years. And the not so good ones remind me to give thanks for the good ones.


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Comment by Allyson Baker on April 2, 2013 at 8:29am

In Texas, 95 and sunny sounds like a pretty cool summer day!

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