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I've never before split plants, only because I hate to hurt them at the root zone like that. Every time I've tried relocating plants, they've ended up dying because of the shock, and I'm too sensitive to really handle it well. o_o That's why I prefer to do a cottage-type wildflower garden, and let Nature do Her thing. However, some of the plants in my front bed have gotten too big and intrusive. The Hostas and Black-eyed Susans are enormous and spreading, choking out my poor Batik Iris and the Astilbe (which are so tiny this year). Honestly, I'm astounded the Iris is succumbing to the Hosta like that - it was spreading so vigorously itself! But it hardly flowered this season, so I know it's suffering.

So I now have no choice but to split the Susans, and try to keep them at bay. I'm not sure when the best time to do this is, but I guess I'll wait until fall gets closer and the flowers start to die - it just bloomed, and I don't want to disturb the cycle of glorious, sunny girls. (LOL) The Hosta in the back (by the Iris) I think I'll relocate altogether. There are four others of its kind in the bed, and all of them are HUGE and competing for attention. Plus it will give the Iris and Bleeding Heart beside it more room to thrive.

I'm planning on digging them up in a massive root ball, and after replanting them elsewhere, I'll drench the leaves and roots in Spray-n-Grow. I'll probably repeat that drench every day for a week, and cross my fingers. I'm nervous, but hopefully SnG will come through for me! (^_~)

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