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This is my first year for using Spray-&-Grow. It's now almost the end of the season for us here in our area of the country. What did I find out?

1. Yes, the plants are gorgeous. Flowers, garden, everywhere I used it. My cucumber plants, I could have a 2 inch fruit start in the morning and by the next day that fruit would be too large. Had to go to a twice a day picking just to get the right size for making pickles.

2. But, I believe I used it too much. The directions mentioned using it on a cycle of every one to three weeks. I did two weeks for almost all my garden crops and flowerbeds. What I've tomato bushes are gorgeous. Healthy, large, fruit production over-sized etc. But, crop production itself was way far below normal. So I don't know if this is because I fertilized my tomatoes too often (I only did it from seedlings until just when fruit production started) or if it's another reason but I'll have to change to a three week schedule next year and see if i can't get more quantity along with the quality I've got this year.

3.But other veges, green beans, I've been picking everyday now for the last seven weeks. These plants don't ever seem to stop. Cucumbers, we've lived on them for months now. I average getting 4-5 cucumbers twice a day. So I'm harvesting up to 10 cucumbers every day. As I said, we live on them just to use them up.

It'll take a little more trial and error to perfect but overall, I can't complain. My freezers are full of fruits and veges which we can enjoy all winter.

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