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Oops! Technology Got the Best of Us

Some of you may have noticed that we shared many new blogs on the SNG Blog a few days ago. You may have also noticed that some of them are from 2010-2012. To be honest, technology got the best of us and we’ve just recently made some ‘program discoveries’.  The good news is that now we know how to upload all of the blogs so everyone can see them. 

We hope you will share some of your garden stories, successes and even short comings.  As my parents always told us, “we learn from our mistakes”.  Write about your garden, the weather, bugs, or whatever comes to mind.

We’d love for some of you to share recipes for those yummy dishes you make with your fresh garden herbs and vegetables. 

We know some of you take pictures in the garden. Whether you are a pro or a just love to snap quick pics, we’d love to see them.

‘My Spray-N-Grow Garden’ doesn’t really have any rules, except of course, all posts must be G-rated!

We can’t wait to see what you all have in store for all of us to enjoy!

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