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Daffodils are starting to open along sidewalk . Those protected by house have already gone by! Tulips, Delphiniums, Hosta, Peonies, Bleeding Hearts almost everything is up and of course its supposed to snow. Two new bare root trees went in last weekend.  Both Five footers of Radiant Crab and Japanese Lilac Tree. They are going to be anchors for large front yard bed. I really love the Grecian Wind Flowers, profile pic is one of them. Tough little things that spread and make beautiful borders and fun to sprinkle amongst other plants for color while we wait for later blooms.

Anxiously waiting for my Serenade Disease Control to see what it can do with Fire Blight. Its a problem in this area and I believe the lack of iron we have in the soil weakens the trees through Iron Chlorosis making Fire Bights job easier. Ive kept it under control by spraying antibiotic but I really hate doing that. Last year I bored holes along drip lines and filled with mixture of Ironite and Sulphur per extension service. It was a pain but my Crab in backyard looks really good so far.

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