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Weather--It's All Relevant

Weather is strange and affects us all differently.  In a country as large as the United States, we have it all--weather wise. We all hear a word like “cold” or “hot” and think completely different things.  I mean, when I think cold, I think anything below 60°F.  My cousins in Illinois probably think cold means closer to freezing and I’m sure some of you think it isn’t really cold until the thermometer reaches 0!

Of course, hot is the same way.  I’ve been to places in the summer that…


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The day I was to leave on vacation I recieved a box in the mail from Spray-n-Grow with this beautiful camera. I was able to play with it and take a lot of beautiful pictures of my vacation. When I returned home another box was waiting with this framed cover of my picture on the Spray-n-Grow catalog. Thank You so much, Melanie, Natalie, Juanita, Nina, and Jessica.…


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HSN Kicks off the 2013 Garden Season

Watch Mr. Bill & Melanie as they help HSN kick off a new gardening season with Spray-N-Grow.

 Lawn & Garden Season Premiere Shows are Friday February 15th at 9:00 am and 2:00 pm EST.  Check out those Spray-N-Grow pictures!

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I Love Free Stuff--Don't You?


Order today from Spray-N-Grow and get a FREE Garden Trug. We love ours—use it for everything from gathering vegetables to mixing GroBrics.  Our college daughter even uses hers for a laundry basket! Check it out by clicking the link.


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Oops! Technology Got the Best of Us

Some of you may have noticed that we shared many new blogs on the SNG Blog a few days ago. You may have also noticed that some of them are from 2010-2012. To be honest, technology got the best of us and we’ve just recently made some ‘program discoveries’.  The good news is that now we know how to upload all of the blogs so everyone can see them. 

We hope you will share some of your garden stories, successes and even short comings.  As my parents always told us, “we learn from our…


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Are you ready to get started on this year's garden? So am I!

Spun fabric row covers are an easy way to enjoy earlier harvests and longer growing seasons.  Adding up to six degrees of retained daytime warmth, these helpers let you start frost tolerant edibles like beets, broccoli, chard, chives, lettuces, peas, onions, radishes, sage and spinach outdoors several weeks before your region’s last frost date.

Stretch the season on both ends with a variety of garden products and approaches, in late winter for an early jump start and in the fall to…


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Splitting plants

I've never before split plants, only because I hate to hurt them at the root zone like that. Every time I've tried relocating plants, they've ended up dying because of the shock, and I'm too sensitive to really handle it well. o_o That's why I prefer to do a cottage-type wildflower garden, and let Nature do Her thing. However, some of the plants in my front bed have gotten too big and intrusive. The Hostas and Black-eyed Susans are enormous…


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... the garden is sleeping.

Well, that's it for the 2010 growing season. The annuals are spent, and the perennials and shrubs are bedded down for their hibernation. ^^ As of right now, I don't know if I will be able to add to the landscape next season - and I'm thinking if I don't, I probably won't be posting many more photographs here. Unless the Clematis reaches the roof, or some other plant supersedes the usual…


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Lee's Tomato's

I would like to know more about you good looking tomato crop. How did you do it ? 

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Tomatoes and 100 plus heat

Hello, New on this board. My dad is a professional grower and works 40 acres, he has used S&G for years and told me in this heat we all endured this summer to only apply S&G Co-Co Wet or Perfect Fertilizer as it will burn the foliage

I guess he's right as his plants were over head high and mine suffered and lost the bottom half of their leaves, any comments and experiences are appreciated. 

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A New Garden


I think most of us simply want to spend more time in the garden.  That is certainly a good plan, but what about something new? Here are some great ideas for this spring.  Maybe it will make you think a little harder about doing something different in your patch this year.

  1. Grow more edibles.  If you have always grown only flowers and landscaping, maybe this is the time to try a few vegetables or herbs.


  1. Plant a tree. If you’ve never planted a…

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County Extension Agents and Land Grant Colleges

Farmers and gardeners all across the US have access to assistance from their county extension agents and their Land Grant Colleges and universities.

Both programs, as well as agricultural experimental stations, were enacted and funded by the US Congress in the late 1800’s and remain a large part of the budget of the US Department of Agriculture.  I won’t bore you (or entertain you) with the historical details, but rest assured, the programs have been around for a long time!



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Smells in the Garden

My husband loves to garden.  He grows a lot of flowers, landscape plants, container plants and vegetables.

We have some camellias blooming that are beautiful, but are also amazingly fragrant. We can’t walk past them without stopping to smell the newest blooms. We also have some jasmine growing along the fence in the backyard. When it’s blooming, I love working in that part of the yard, just because of the scent. Although we don’t have acidic soil, we love gardenias, so we have several…


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Gardeners are sharers.  Have you ever known a gardener that wasn’t willing to share a cutting, an idea or a basket of vegetables?  I haven’t.

Maybe it’s the fresh air or the dirt under our fingernails, but we gardeners love to share stories and ideas, plants and seeds and of course, expertise.  Maybe there’s a little bit of bragging about the biggest pumpkin, juiciest tomatoes or sweetest oranges, but we like to tell stories of our success and even our failures.

In many garden…


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We all dig around in the soil.  It’s who we are as gardeners.

But what is in it?  I am not an expert or soil scientist, but I am fascinated by all of the stuff in the soil.  Where we live, we have sandy soil, but really more sand than soil.  My grandparents lived in Southern Illinois near the Kaskaskia River and their soil was black and rich.  I’m sure it was full of beneficial bacteria and mycorrhiza and all kinds of wonderful worms and microbes.  Whenever we go hiking…


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Rural Texas

The drive from Rockport to Waco, where our daughter goes to college, is almost 300 miles north on Texas Hwy 77. As I drove the route this weekend, I enjoyed this rural highway and all of the small towns along the way. Once I was past Victoria, (population 65,000) there was not another big town until I arrived in Waco.

Along the way are rolling hills, pastures, cattle ranches, horse farms, rivers, ponds and streams. Every now and then I would drive through a small town, many of them… Continue

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In about a month we’ll start planting our spring gardens here in South Texas and that means more talk about tomatoes. Tomatoes are the #1 plant here just like it is every place. We’ve spent a lot of research money growing tomatoes using Spray-N-Grow. These trials were conducted to imitate to how farmers would use Spray-N-Grow and they showed a yield increase of 50-60 % and increased sugar content (better taste). Home gardeners will do even better because they will apply more Spray-N-Grow to the… Continue

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The Great Freeze of 2010

I am known in my family as a whiner about cold weather. I really think anything below about 65° is just too cold. In fact, I always have a sweatshirt handy because many buildings in South Texas are always cold, if only because of air conditioning.

I grew up in Houston, where the winters are considered mild, but Houston gets a freeze or two a year. Since moving to Rockport, almost 200 miles south of Houston, the winters are even warmer. And I like that!

That being said, so… Continue

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Pushing the Calendar

Are we pushing the calendar a bit this year? I went into a local store last weekend and the first thing I saw was a Christmas tree. Yes, that’s right. It was almost 100° outside and weeks before Halloween and the store has a Christmas tree.

Call me old fashioned, but I really like to enjoy the entire fall. Although we do not get cool, brisk weather or beautiful colors in the trees, I like to enjoy fall things, like football and pumpkins and Halloween. By late October we usually have… Continue

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Cooking With Home Grown Basil

Since I have been growing fresh herbs in my hydro-garden, I have an abundance of fresh basil. Either basil grows like crazy, or it is especially happy in my garden. Both varieties of basil (green and purple) are beautiful and healthy.

Although I am not really much of a cook, I will share my super simple pasta del pesto recipe that my family loves.

Boil pasta –we use spaghetti, linguini or vermicelli

Drain pasta. While it drains, put pot back on burner, but turn to low… Continue

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