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... the garden is sleeping.

Well, that's it for the 2010 growing season. The annuals are spent, and the perennials and shrubs are bedded down for their hibernation. ^^ As of right now, I don't know if I will be able to add to the landscape next season - and I'm thinking if I don't, I probably won't be posting many more photographs here. Unless the Clematis reaches the roof, or some other plant supersedes the usual…


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Splitting plants

I've never before split plants, only because I hate to hurt them at the root zone like that. Every time I've tried relocating plants, they've ended up dying because of the shock, and I'm too sensitive to really handle it well. o_o That's why I prefer to do a cottage-type wildflower garden, and let Nature do Her thing. However, some of the plants in my front bed have gotten too big and intrusive. The Hostas and Black-eyed Susans are enormous…


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Adler Acres May 31, 2010

Success at Adler Acres Monday, May 31, 2010

It has been 5 days since I last wrote. Ah, I have learned alot this week and have had great success! Drenching my tomato plants with Bill's Perfect Fertilizer did the trick, My plants are full of fruit. Also my concoction of Coco Wet mixed with a squirt of dish soap and water has healed and killed. My Zenia's powdery mildew is gone, the bushes around the pool area are free from the little white mites and black mildew and I also used the mixture… Continue

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May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010

Week 6 of Spray-N-Grow and I have to say that my plants are a freak of nature! Yes I have the biggest tomatoe and squash plants in town. I do have a few issues to discuss today concerning my plants. Although my tomatoe plants are huge, there are few blooms and two fruit out of my 5 big boy plants, though my patio cherry tomatoes are doing great since I replanted them. The potting soil I used first was no good, it was heavy, the top of the soil would dry out fast and the bottom… Continue

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May at Adler Acres

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We had some good rain these past few days. Friday and Saturday it was scattered showers Sunday was partly cloudy and the perfect day to mix me up a batch of Spray-N-Grow and make the plants happy, happy.

5 weeks ago when I started using this mixture, I made it up in 2 quart batches, the last 2 times, I have graduated to the gallon. This week it took two gallons. The plants are getting bigger, so I have more to cover. My plants are healthy, strong and green and… Continue

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Insecticide "Neem ll" plus Spray N Grow?

Is it necessary to use an insecticide, such as Neem ll, with the use of Spray N Grow & Bill's Fertilizer in order to prevent any infestation on my Tomato Plants and Herbs. I just planted a beautiful container garden on my back patio and all plants, night now, look great and are doing great. But here in the south, Charlotte, NC, we do have problems with Mite and Fungus infestation on Tomato Plants, especially if it gets windy..The Spray N Grow with Bill's Fertilizer has been great but will… Continue

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Our Spring Garden

April 11,2010 I treated my gardens with the Spray n Grow trio. Within 24hrs. I did see a little improvement to my plants health. It has been one week and time for me to treat them all again. They have grown quite a bit in a weeks time. I am going to take pictures of what they look like this week and then again next week for comparison. I won't be able to post all plants on my property, there are too many, but I will get a general shot. I noticed the most improvment in my petuneas and… Continue

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Spring is finally here

Planted alot of plants today.

Some where bulbs and some where plants already.

I planted a orange tulip, never seen one before.

Got it already bloomed, but put it next to some red and black tulips. ( very pretty)

What else..... oh Dahlias, 2 where already growing in a pot, so theres 8 total.

And that Peony, theres a picture on here of it.

well the stems and funny looking leaves.

Yesterday planted my pink blueberries and some gaillardia fanfare and some… Continue

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Spray-N-Grow Tips from Mr. Bill

Spray-N-Grow Tips…


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When to Use What?

It is spring! We finally have warm weather and we are all in the yard and garden and anxious for blooms, flowers and fruit. Some of us are fortunate enough to live where after a colder than usual winter, are already enjoying some fabulous flowers. (By the way, we pay later in the summer when the heat forces our gardens into dormancy!)

The one question I answer daily is this: When should I start using my Spray-N-Grow and Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer? My answer is always the same—it… Continue

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Winter storm

Weathers been in the mid 50s pretty much all week.
All my lilies and day lillies are 6 to 8 inches tall now. But glad they dont have any blooms yet cause this week end we are suppose to have 4 to 8 inches of snow.
See told y'all that the weather was being crazy here.
I have a bag of mulch in the shed but dont know if I should put some of the plants.
Just hope my plants survive this.

I do have some plants that bloomed already, pink purple and yellow.

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First of all, hope I spelled that right. : )

Anyway never grew them before til this year.

But had them in the ground but had to dig them up and put them in a pot. ( again due to weather)

Put 2 bulbs in a pot of Wonder soil and of course sprayed them again.

The thing is they look like no plant I seen before, they have grown about 4 inches now, very pick stems with what looks like pink and green leaves that are trying to open up.

Almost looks like the leaves are a flower… Continue

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Brought Strawberry plants way to early.

Got strawberry plants way to early, weather cant make up its mind.

Its been getting back down to the mid 30s at night.

Left strawberries in the containers they came in, just put them in the kitchen window durning the day.

One poor plant started looking sad and droopy, decided I needed to do something.

Had some plain old potting soil, nothing special $ 3.00 a bag,

Cut the bottom off the strawberry container, sprayed the heck out of the roots with SNG plus… Continue

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I want to see the great results that others have testified. Please help. What am i doing wrong?

Added by J. B. Hayter on March 16, 2010 at 3:05pm — 2 Comments

Waiting for warmer weather.

Just waiting to plant outside.

Did some digging already, pulling weeds but thats no fun.

The weather still cant make up its made, mid 60s then back to the 50s during the day.

Cant pull all the weeds because I have some lilies planted in that garden and just waiting for them all to show up so I dont want to accidently get them.

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Rural Texas

The drive from Rockport to Waco, where our daughter goes to college, is almost 300 miles north on Texas Hwy 77. As I drove the route this weekend, I enjoyed this rural highway and all of the small towns along the way. Once I was past Victoria, (population 65,000) there was not another big town until I arrived in Waco.

Along the way are rolling hills, pastures, cattle ranches, horse farms, rivers, ponds and streams. Every now and then I would drive through a small town, many of them… Continue

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Firewood and Turnips

As my husband and I were driving to my sister-in-law’s house the other evening, Glen noticed a sign along the road that read “Free Firewood”. This caught his attention because we have burned more firewood this year than in any of the other 18 years we have lived in our house. It has been a cold winter. In fact, the night we saw the sign we were about to burn the last of the firewood from our own tree thinning of last year.

Sunday afternoon we drove over to the house of the man giving… Continue

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In about a month we’ll start planting our spring gardens here in South Texas and that means more talk about tomatoes. Tomatoes are the #1 plant here just like it is every place. We’ve spent a lot of research money growing tomatoes using Spray-N-Grow. These trials were conducted to imitate to how farmers would use Spray-N-Grow and they showed a yield increase of 50-60 % and increased sugar content (better taste). Home gardeners will do even better because they will apply more Spray-N-Grow to the… Continue

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The Great Freeze of 2010

I am known in my family as a whiner about cold weather. I really think anything below about 65° is just too cold. In fact, I always have a sweatshirt handy because many buildings in South Texas are always cold, if only because of air conditioning.

I grew up in Houston, where the winters are considered mild, but Houston gets a freeze or two a year. Since moving to Rockport, almost 200 miles south of Houston, the winters are even warmer. And I like that!

That being said, so… Continue

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Wow, your flowers are evidence of any bug a boos.
thats great! How do you accomplish that? Neem oil? I am a new
gardener and not sure how to keep all bugs away. There has to be one treatment that covers most bugs without hurting the good ones. Do you know? Thanks! Carmela

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