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October 2009 Blog Posts (3)

Cooking With Home Grown Basil

Since I have been growing fresh herbs in my hydro-garden, I have an abundance of fresh basil. Either basil grows like crazy, or it is especially happy in my garden. Both varieties of basil (green and purple) are beautiful and healthy.

Although I am not really much of a cook, I will share my super simple pasta del pesto recipe that my family loves.

Boil pasta –we use spaghetti, linguini or vermicelli

Drain pasta. While it drains, put pot back on burner, but turn to low… Continue

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Small Town Festivals

If you live in a small town, you have probably gone to a festival of sorts. In Texas, almost every small town has an annual festival which celebrates something interesting or unique about the town.

We live in Rockport, but it is really a combined community of two towns-- Rockport and Fulton. They are two distinct towns, but they run together. There is only one high school and it is appropriately named Rockport-Fulton High School.

Rockport and Fulton each have an annual… Continue

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I hate ants. I really don’t mind bugs in general, but I hate ants. Glen (my husband) thinks I have an irrational fear/hate of them, but they really creep me out. It probably goes back to my childhood. I vividly remember playing in the yard as a 5 year old and all of a sudden being covered in ants. My dad grabbed me and got me under the shower and got them off of me. But in my memory, there were millions of them.

Ants are really amazing creatures. They are much more organized than I… Continue

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