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I realized the other that calendars run my life. In my office I have two calendars on the wall right in front of my desk--one for 2009 and one for 2010. On the wall behind me, I still have the 2008 calendar. Just outside my door are two more calendars used by the office staff. I carry a pocket calendar and there is a calendar in our kitchen at home. For those of you who use Microsoft Outlook, you know I have a built in calendar on my computer.

This is sounds crazy but it works. It is… Continue

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Growing Herbs

A few years ago I grew herbs in a small hydroponic garden. It was my first attempt at herbs and my first attempt at hydroponics. It was so much fun watching the seeds come up in my office, a room with no windows! But I had a grow light with all of the light rays that plants need. As the plants grew I learned that I had to make sure the reservoir had plenty of water and the light was cycling off and on. My logic is that the sun ‘cycles’ off for about 8-10 hours in the summer, so that is how I… Continue

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Hummingbird Season

We saw the first hummingbirds of the season in our back yard a few weeks ago. We saw them buzzing around our red hibiscus and even some red peppers looking for something sweet. These birds, that are so much fun to watch, are apparently not very smart because they were even trying to get sweet juice from the red hurricane lanterns we have hanging in the trees. When we saw that, we decided it was time to get the feeders out and fill them with red sugar water. We hung a few feeders in the back… Continue

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Looking forward to some much needed Rain!

There is a 50% chance of rain tomorrow and Wednesday, and that’s good news since we haven’t had a significant rain sine Aug 2008. However, it has been a good time to observe which local plants are holding up during a severe drought.

Driving around town I’ve noticed that Esperanza (Blue Bells) and Bougainvillea are remarkably drought tolerant. Plants that I know have not had any water are healthy and full of blooms. I think we will plant some around our new warehouse where water is… Continue

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Dancing for Rain

My husband, Glen, and I were painting a bedroom this week when we noticed that we actually had some gray clouds. I went outside to check it out and saw a few raindrops fall for the first time in months. When I didn’t get back inside to help, Glen looked out the window to see where I had gone. When he saw me dancing around our front yard, he asked me what I was doing. I told him I was doing a rain dance. Anything to get rain!

We have lived in Rockport for more than 18 years and have… Continue

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